Rosanne Jonkhout (1991) is a contemporary artist living and working in Amsterdam. She specializes in a range of media from video- and audio installations to shortfilms.


The permeating subject in her work is confronting the viewer with their fragility. Humanity’s ability to intelligence gets accompanied by an ego that claims a superiority. Jonkhout is passionate to determine whether this claim is justified.

Jonkhout's works exists of small situations, micro-cosmoses, that are used as a metaphor to show the shortcomings of life's unsettling complexity. Each work addresses an example of a deep-rooted social issue that takes root in these seemingly innocent situations. The solution to these issues, she leaves to the viewer.


Can we better ourselves? Is it possible to redeem? Jonkhout often works with paradoxes, grey areas and weaknesses in what it means to be human in this day and age, and lays bare that humans may be more fragile than any other life on earth.



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‘I see my work as a paradoxical play between an obsession

I share with the entirety of humanity;

the need to solve every problem- to answer every question, and

the struggle with taking the risk of simply not knowing.’

- Rosanne Jonkhout



Artist Statement

Jonkhout's recent work 'For the love of love'. a found-footage video, shows a portrait of a marriage between a man and a woman. Because the clips were not shot with the intention of them ever leaving the household, these people register a pristine micro-cosmos. Their dynamic raises questions; Are they being funny, of is this serious? Is this a healthy situation? Are they still together?


In this poignant, unscripted video which requires the audience to witness this uncomfortably private footage, Jonkhout displays the intricate connections which composes human relationships. It doesn't just make the viewer question what good and toxic behaviour is, it also enforces the viewer to judge, and the impossibility and problem that is inherent to judgement.

Watch trailer of 'For the love of love' here.

Jonkhout’s current project is a video-installation about her great-grandmother; Mies Vonk-Kiepe (1891-1984).

Vonk-Kiepe was passionate about becoming a renowned writer, poet and philosopher, but was never successful. Alienated on both professional- and personal front by her inability to choose to commit to either one, leaves her falling between the cracks. Her life concluded in isolation, suffering and bitterness. The work is about a woman that had lived through great historic times, had opportunities for love and happiness, but could not see anything but herself and her own misery.


The video shows the dark side of ambitions and dreams; what does it mean to be forgotten, is it the same as to have never existed? Rosanne Jonkhout’s (1991) work is a manifestation of her frustration as to why this happens to people. How do we handle people that don't conform to society's norm. How do you help a suffering person; do they need a diagnosis? When do they need sympathy? When do they need tough love?


Jonkhout uses her great grandmother to give voice to the muffled side of society that deals with emotional turmoil. Her attempt to hear her great-grandmother’s pain through countless preserved diaries, poems, letters, essays and manuscripts is a loving outreach to mend a broken heart that stopped beating 31 years ago.

Watch trailer of 'Mies' here.

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