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Intersectional feminism workshop artez hogeschool van de kunsten presentation
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The artists collective 'Rosanne & Nagaré' frequently provide workshops in colleges and universities. Rosanne and Nagaré anticipate on the fact that most participants of the workshops are white, cis-gender, heteronormative students with certain social and economic privileges. At the intersectional feminism workshop at ArtEZ Fine Art Arnhem, the students were exposed to the exclusivity of ‘white feminism’ while offering intersectional feminism as a welcome alternative; a type of feminism that is inclusive to all types of feminitiy.


Hundreds of years of colonialism has made ‘whiteness’ the dominant ‘norm’. Whiteness has a compulsive need for purification that is indicated by problematic ideas such as universality, linearity, truth, neutrality and objectivity. White feminism inherited this one-sided perspective and projects it on gender identity.


Alternatively, intersectionality is the idea that an identity is made up out of multiple facets. Intersectional feminism provides space for a wide array of different kinds of gender identity. We offered the students an introduction to various intersecting ideas such as black feminism, queer theory, ageism, ableism, etc.


Through a theoretical grounding it is an aim to make the students aware of their own identity, how they participate to this norm and cultivate sensitivity.
































Workshop/performance Intersectional Feminism


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